The Best Scheduling App for Your Squarespace Website

If your business operations require scheduling appointments, consultations, or group classes, there’s a simple, powerful (and free!) way to seamlessly integrate scheduling capability into your Squarespace website. If you’re not familiar with it, time to get to know the Squarespace Appointment Scheduling Block!

Squarespace’s built-in Appointment Scheduling Block

Since Squarespace recently acquired Acuity Scheduling (an awesome scheduling tool in its own right), the built-in Appointment Scheduling Block in your Squarespace editing interface now even more seamlessly connects scheduling capability with your Squarespace website.

Simply adding the block to any page on your site and linking it to your Acuity Scheduling account sets you up with a branded, mobile-responsive embedded calendar showing up-to-date availability of your appointment slots, workshops, group classes, and more.

Get Acuity Scheduling free for your Squarespace website!

Acuity Scheduling is one of the best, most robust scheduling tools available to integrate with your Squarespace website. It offers a professional, mobile-responsive scheduling platform for a variety of appointment types, including free and paid appointments, appointment packages, group classes and more.

Acuity is available in several different pricing plans with varying levels of features—all which are available for a free, no-strings-attached, no-credit-card-required trial.

But here’s what’s particularly great for Squarespace users: Though Acuity does offer a limited free plan for any user, they also offer the Emerging Entrepreneur plan ($15/month) free for Squarespace members! The Emerging Entrepreneur plan supports one calendar with advanced features including:

  • Ability to offer classes, workshops and group events

  • Coupons, discounts and tipping capability

  • Calendar syncing with Google, Outlook and iCloud

  • GoToMeeting,, and Zoom integrations for online meetings

  • Mailchimp, ConvertKit and other email marketing integration

  • Website calendar embed capability

  • Advanced reporting

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How to add appointment scheduling to your squarespace website

Want to provide scheduling capability for customers on your Squarespace website?

Set up and integrate your Acuity Scheduling calendar with your Squarespace website in just a few simple steps:

1. Set up your Acuity account

To use this scheduling integration, you’ll need to first set up an account with Acuity.

Within Acuity you’ll set up your scheduling needs with the following information:

  • Appointment Type(s)

  • Schedule

  • Pricing

  • Calendar Settings

Note that bookings and payments are managed directly via your Acuity dashboard (a separate platform from Squarespace).

Pro tip with Acuity (as well as many of the other business tools we recommend): Sign up for annual billing and receive one month free.

2. Add an Appointment Scheduling Block

Add an Appointment Scheduling Block to any page on your Squarespace website you’d like to host your scheduler on. (Feel free to add it to multiple locations if needed!)

Add an Acuity Appointment Scheduling Block to your Squarespace website // The Best Scheduling App for Your Squarespace Website // Five Design Co.

3. Add your Acuity link

Find your Acuity calendar link in your Acuity dashboard under Scheduling Page Link. Choose either your General Scheduling Page (all appointment types available), or specific appointment types, calendars, or categories.

Copy the link and insert it into your Appointment Scheduling Block on your Squarespace website.

Add your Acuity Scheduling link to your Squarespace website // The Best Scheduling App for Your Squarespace Website // Five Design Co.

How to customize your Acuity scheduling block in Squarespace

So, your Acuity scheduler is added to your website—awesome! Now it’s time to customize it to fit your site’s needs and branding. Your scheduler design customization is done via the Acuity dashboard. Note that the customization options in Acuity vary from those in Squarespace itself, but should be sufficient to complement your website’s branding.

Design customizations can be accessed in your Acuity dashboard via Client’s Scheduling Page > Customize Appearance > Appearance.

Here’s how to customize the key aspects of your Acuity scheduling page:

Logo & Business Name

Add your business name and logo to your scheduling page if you’d like—though you don’t necessarily have to, especially if your scheduling page lives somewhere on your website that is well-branded already.


Choose from Acuity’s font options to match or complement your branding (note that Acuity does not offer as extensive a list of fonts as Squarespace, so if your brand fonts are not available, choose a font that best complements them).


Customize the colors used in your embedded scheduler—the Acuity Appearance dashboard allows you to work with the exact color codes of your brand colors, so your scheduler seamlessly matches the branding of the rest of your website.

Scheduling instructions

You have the option to include scheduling instructions prior to your appointment listings. This is useful if you need to explain or differentiate your appointment types. However, it can also be left blank if you only have one appointment type or your appointment types are self-explanatory. The Acuity scheduler is quite customizable with the level of detail you’d like to provide about your appointment types during the booking process.

Appointment information

This includes the appointment type, duration, price and description (and, if applicable, category and calendar name).

Acuity has helpful documentation on the Anatomy of the Client’s Scheduling Page.

Additional customization

Acuity does allow for custom CSS styling in their top tier plan, though the page aptly includes the warning: This is probably only your cup of tea if you're a computer wizard. If not, don't worry about this section!

However, it’s certainly possible to set up and customize your Acuity integration without any coding!


Ready to set up appointment scheduling on your Squarespace website? 😄


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