The business tools we use and recommend.

Note: Some of these resources are offered via affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission on your purchase, at no additional cost to you (and, in some cases, you’ll even get a discount!). We only share products or services we personally use and love.


Our favorite website-hosting platform. As a member of Squarespace Circle, we can offer our clients 20% off your first year of Squarespace services.


A third party service that allows Squarespace users to membership-protect certain pages or content on your website.


Web-based scheduling software, customizable to your brand style, so it fits seamlessly within your branded website (Squarespace or otherwise).


We’ve talked lots before about using Pinterest and Tailwind to promote your website (and blog) content and grow your website traffic. It’s our favorite strategy for website growth, and Tailwind is our favorite tool to streamline and automate it.


For businesses looking to do image-heavy or design-oriented email marketing, or websites starting out and looking for a simple and easy-to-use CRM tool, MailChimp is a great option.


ConvertKit is another great email marketing platform, though very different from MailChimp. Where MailChimp is more design-focused, ConvertKit is more list-focused. It’s one of the most robust tools available for growing and segmenting your email list for strategic email marketing.


Bonsai is an all-in-one productivity solution for freelancers and small businesses. It automates the client process from proposals to contracts to time tracking, invoicing and payments, all the way to taxes and accounting.


Airtable is a powerful content-based spreadsheet. It’s a database that can be used to organize allll sorts of information. Because of its flexibility in organizing and managing many different types of data, we use it for a wide range of business information and planning.

It’s one of our favorite tools for planning content calendars, marketing plans and launch timelines, as well as storing and organizing lists and ideas.


G Suite, the integrated, cloud-based business version of Google Drive. Though it’s a paid product, it offers a range of useful functionality for teams, including the ability to manage multiple user accounts and email addresses under your domain name.

G Suite is integrated with Squarespace, making it super easy to set up from the back-end of your Squarespace website and link new email addresses to your domain name.