Melissa Stephenson // Five Design Co.

And I’m maybe not your typical web designer.

I have a master’s degree in urban planning, am a former marketing manager and I founded a wellness company. But in the process, I’ve created and maintained a lot of websites!

I also know what it’s like to run a website as a business owner—you want something that’s beautiful, effective & simple to maintain.

So I created Five Design Co.—a place for small business owners, freelancers & bloggers to build custom websites…without having to learn how to code them yourself. (I know quite a few people who’ve battled their website to create it or update it. No fun! Let’s not waste your time doing that.)

Our philosophy is that websites should be beautiful, functional, and easy to use.

Read on for more about our approach:

Why “Five”?

We’re named after our five favorite things in good web design:

  • beautiful

  • simple

  • effective

  • user-friendly

  • inviting

Why Squarespace?

We only offer web design with Squarespace, and it’s for a good reason: though I’ve worked with other platforms over the years, I’ve found that Squarespace is the simplest and easiest to maintain.

(And how useful is a beautiful website if you can’t keep it up-to-date?!)

The Squarespace editing interface allows us to create a professionally designed custom website that you can easily work with to make updates, publish blog posts, or add new products to an online shop.

We’re based in Los Angeles, but work with clients around the world.

As a member of Squarespace Circle (their community of designers), we have access to exclusive content, preferred support and can offer our clients 20% off your first year of Squarespace products.

Squarespace Circle Member // Custom Squarespace web design for small businesses, bloggers, freelancers & entrepreneurs.