How to Grow Your Website with Pinterest

Pinterest is one of our absolute favorite strategies to grow your website traffic, audience and, ultimately, your business.

Though it’s sometimes mistakenly thought of as a social media platform, Pinterest is really a visual search engine. It helps people find specific content they’re looking for.

We absolutely recommend Pinterest as part of most businesses’ marketing strategy. (One of the reasons we recommend blogging to grow your website traffic is that it allows you to produce relevant content that can be promoted on Pinterest to connect new audiences to your business.)

Here’s an overview of how Pinterest can help you promote your business:

  • Sharing valuable content with people who are looking for it

  • Expanding your reach to new audiences

  • Establishing you as an industry expert

  • Building trust and rapport with new audiences

  • Growing your audience and connecting your business with new potential clients/customers

Now, if you’re already active on Pinterest, these outcomes can be accomplished simply by sharing your content on the Pinterest platform.

But if you’d like to build your audience more quickly or expand your reach even further, there are a few other tools and tips we recommend to maximize your impact with Pinterest:

Pinterest business account & rich pins

If you’re using Pinterest for your business, we recommend setting up a free Pinterest business account and activating “rich pins.”

Rich pins pull information from your website metadata into Pinterest. For example, when you share a pin linked to one of your blog posts, the rich pin will automatically be titled with your blog post title and include your blog post excerpt that you’ve set up on Squarespace. (You can still write a Pinterest-specific caption, which we’ll cover below, so this blog post excerpt is essentially extra information that gets to come along with your pin.)

Not only does this make your life easier in that your pin is already labeled and captioned with useful information (keywords, SEO!), but Pinterest also ranks rich pins higher in search results.

Pinterest seo

Just like other search engines, Pinterest uses the information associated with your pin to determine its ranking in search results. There are few things Pinterest is looking for when they choose which relevant pins to share in a search query:

  • Pin title & description

  • Rich pin metadata (blog post title, post excerpt)

  • Pin “quality” (how well has it been received by those who’ve viewed it?)

  • Pinner “quality” (do you pin regular, quality content?)

  • Link content (is the content on the page you’re linking to relevant to the search terms?)

With this in mind, you want to be sure each of your pins is optimized to perform well in Pinterest’s search algorithm. That means you’ll want to:

  • Write a keyword-rich description that uses actual terms people search for on Pinterest (a simple search in the Pinterest search bar will offer you popular search terms for that topic)

  • Be sure your pins are set up as rich pins

  • Pin to relevant boards and groups that actually want to engage with your content

  • Pin regular, quality (i.e. relevant) content

  • Be sure you’re accurately promoting your pins—any keywords you use in your description should match keywords actually used in your blog post

Create professional-looking pins

Whether you use professional design software like Adobe Creative Cloud, or a more user-friendly platform like Canva, it’s essential that you create clear, professional, on-brand pins that:

  • clearly express the content of your link

  • entice viewers to learn more by clicking through to your website

  • establish your brand identity

Though pins can be various sizes, Pinterest recommends sticking to 600x900 pixels, which it even prioritizes in its search results.


Now, here’s our absolute biggest Pinterest tip: Tailwind, the industry’s best Pinterest scheduling tool and community. (Psst, here’s how to get a free trial of Tailwind to try it out!)

There are many benefits of using Tailwind to promote your pins on Pinterest, and we recommend it to anyone looking to grow their website (and business) audience via Pinterest.

Here are some of our favorite Tailwind features that will make your Pinterest promotion easier, more streamlined and more effective:

Batch schedule your pins

First of all, batch scheduling your pins is a great strategy to save time and efficiently promote your content on Pinterest—without hanging out there all day. But just like other search engines, Pinterest uses algorithms to rank pins in search results, and they give more priority to pinners (accounts) that pin regularly than to those who pin a bunch of content all at once.

Ideally you’ll be pinning 30+ times per day (that’s what we recommend for most businesses looking to grow their reach) and from the Pinterest algorithm’s perspective, it’s much better to do that at 30 different times than all at once. However, it’s certainly a much better use of your time to schedule those pins all at once than to manually post them at 30 different times throughout the day (yikes!).

Tailwind allows you to easily batch schedule a queue of pins that will automatically post to Pinterest at their scheduled date/time.

Schedule pins to maximize engagement

Another benefit of using Tailwind to schedule pins is that the app will help you create an optimized schedule, based on when your viewers are most likely to see and engage with your new content. This is a simpler and more effective way to set a daily pinning schedule than randomly choosing your times or manually adjusting them with trial and error.

Shuffle queue

We recommend batch scheduling, which includes two things:

  1. Scheduling a bunch of your own pins in one sitting

  2. Scheduling a bunch of curated content in one sitting

Side note: For a growing business, we usually aim for about 30-50% your own content, and the rest curated content.

One of the features of Tailwind that is particularly useful for batch scheduling is the ability to shuffle your queue. So, if you batch schedule many pins from one source or on one topic (the most efficient way to search for curated content), you’re able to spread those pins out throughout your queue to give a more balanced user experience.

Repurpose your content with Smart Loop

Tailwind has a time-saving feature called Smart Loop that allows you to repurpose your existing content by adding your best pins to automated loops that re-pin to your account (within specified parameters).

This is a great way to keep your blog-promoting pins fresh and cycling through your boards, without having to continuously re-pin older content manually. For example, we add our best pins promoting our entrepreneurship blog posts to our “Entrepreneurs” Smart Loop that re-shares one of these older pins to our “Entrepreneur Tips” board each week.

See our guide for setting up SmartLoop.

Grow faster with Tailwind Tribes

Last, but certainly not least, our favorite benefit of Tailwind is the ability to join pinner groups called Tailwind Tribes. These “Tribes” are communities of like-minded pinners (usually businesses or entrepreneurs) who get together to share and promote each other’s content. There’s usually a 1:1 sharing rule, meaning: you submit one piece of your content to the group and re-pin one piece of someone else’s content they’ve shared to the group.

This is both a simple and efficient way to connect with relevant content you can curate on your own account, as well as to get your own content in front of people who are specifically there to promote it as well. Win-win!

We also have a helpful guide on getting started with Tailwind Tribes.

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How to grow your website with Pinterest // Why Pinterest is our favorite content marketing strategy for growing website traffic, plus our top tips and tools for building an effective Pinterest presence to grow your brand and audience.
How to grow your website with Pinterest // Why Pinterest is our favorite content marketing strategy for growing website traffic, plus our top tips and tools for building an effective Pinterest presence to grow your brand and audience.